25 things I learned in my first 2ish months of medical school

  1. Be okay with being confused, this is how you will spend the majority of your medical student career.
  2. People who 1) show up to lectures and 2) focus in lectures, are superstars. Seriously…teach me your ways.
  3. Your line of credit is the source of all fun. Hip restaurants >> McDonalds (thanks LOC).
  4. “ I did the optional readings” said no one ever (minus those crazy future dermatologists)
  5. You become very used to doing/seeing very odd things. According to my engineering roommate “sawing ribs” or “pulling out lungs” isn’t normal?
  6. Hold on to the things you love. Trust me, med students don’t have to study 24/7. If you are, stop it.
  7. CBL (critical based learning problems), the correct diagnosis could always be cancer, but never is cancer.
  8. Classmates will wake up at 6am on a Saturday to shadow emerge. 6am. On a Saturday.
  9. Med schools make up rules as they go, “we will get back to you about that…”. Classic.
  10. Most important question to ask when picking a med school- “do you record all your lectures?” Go for the definitely 100% recorded, none of this maybe business.
  11. True long weekends don’t exist. Trust me, they always find ways to squeeze in those missed lectures elsewhere.
  12. P = MD
  13. Passing is not as easy as it sounds. P.s. when are we getting our exam marks back???
  14. “I don’t want to date anyone while in med school, just want to focus on my schooling”. Lies. They just can’t find a boyfriend/girlfriend.
  15. Everyone in your class is smart.   Think otherwise? Just look at the GPA admission stats.
  16. Wikipedia and UpToDate are your best friends.
  17. Beware Fridays. So much good, free food
  18. To those med students always posting on Facebook how busy they are, just don’t. No one is going to feel sorry for you.
  19. Emails. 1) Not checking your inbox will not make emails magically disappear; 2) don’t read all your emails (no one got time for dat); 3) delete delete delete
  20. Don’t worry about signing up for clubs at clubs fair, you will get all their emails regardless (thanks MED-ALL…not)
  21. Become a morning person. Otherwise 8am start time will kick your a**
  22. Be fit, be healthy.   Nothing is weirder then an overweight, unhealthy doctor. Hypocritical much?
  23. Pace yourself in orientation. Trust me, there will be plenty of opportunities to drink.
  24. Hold on to your non-med school friends. If you don’t have any, find some (I promise, a world outside of med school exists).
  25. Study hard, party hard = the only way to do med school
all day every day

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