5 easy student recipes/tricks

1) If you melt a ‘laughing cow’ (or cream cheese) with pasta, it almost tastes like Alfredo sauce (if you decorate it accordingly, you may even convince house guests that it is).

almost like Alfredo (photo by me)
almost like Alfredo (photo by me)

2) For an easy eggs-benedict:

  1. Add water to a frying pan, with a tiny bit of vinegar
  2. Add an egg whites to the water/vinegar when hot (easy way to poach an egg)
  3. Mix egg yolk, milk and lemon juice in a seperate pot (amounts according to taste preference).
  4. Once egg is poached, put it on a piece of toast, along with a slice of ham, tomato, avocado, or whatever you prefer, and then just pour the sauce on!
easy eggs-benedict for 1 (photo by me)
easy eggs-benedict for 1 (photo by me)

3)  Easy vietnamese salad bowl.

  1. shave or thinly slice cucumber, carrots and bean sprouts (or vegetables of choice)
  2. cook vietnamese rice noodles (bonus points for brown rice noodles!)
  3. add a protein (chicken, beef, tofu, beans, etc.)
  4. for the dressing mix together: fish sauce, crushed garlic, sugar and water (amounts according to taste preference)
salad bowl (photo by me)
salad bowl (photo by me)

4) Tip: If you encounter a baking ’emergency’, a quick fix is pillsbury doughboy (ex, cinnamon buns).  Remember, it’s all about presentation, leave them on the baking sheet, sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on them and they almost look homemade.  😛

almost homemade (photo by me)
almost homemade (photo by me)

5) If you like spicy food, just add crushed red peppers to everything.  It is easy and healthy (avoids the sodium in hot sauce).

crushed red peppers (photo by me)
crushed red peppers (photo by me)

One thought on “5 easy student recipes/tricks

  1. Love these tips. In addition to this, the Costco stir-fry mix is great for just throwing in some chicken with a little bit of terriyaki or soy sauce for an Asian stir-fry.

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