Students, get a pet!

Okay ‘pet’ may be a loose term, but I highly recommend that students get something that resembles some form of a pet (at least to them).  I personally have had 2 Siamese fighting fish (Aether and Felix) and a cactus (Spike).   Honestly, pets help you study!!!

  1. They aren’t too noisy (Felix only splashes when hungry).
  2. They keep you company (trust me their presence is almost like having a real human sitting beside you).
  3. Watching them proves a great, short study break (however, at one point during finals I had to relocate Aether from my desk…staring at him > studying).
  4. They just generally improve your mood (cute pet = happy person = happy studier = better focus = better grades…look how happy I am with Felix!!!)

For non-pet owners, have I convinced you yet?

Aether proofreading
Aether proofreading
Felix and I chilling.
Felix & I chilling

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